Windows 8: An Exceptional Product of Microsoft Corporation

Windows 8: An Exceptional Product of Microsoft Corporation

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Windows 8 is the newest sensation in the OS world from the Microsoft Corporation for use on various computers such as home and business computers, including laptops and desktops, or even on home theater PCs. It introduces a remarkable change in user experience on several mobile devices like tablets to compete with the other leading mobile OS like iOS or Android by applying the newest technologies such as cloud technology, malware, inbuilt antivirus support, or USB 3.0.

There are enormous unparalleled features that have been introduced in this newest edition of Microsoft OS, which makes windows 8 a unique one from the other leading Operating Systems available in the market.

Windows 8 comes up with few unique changes from the previous editions of the Windows Operating System, and such exceptional features include,

Home screen: Windows 8 changes the desktop’s archaic concepts by introducing a brand new user interface where the ancient desktop has been replenished with a unique genre of Home screen from where the users can easily gain access to all the applications well as programs they required.

Besides having such a distinctive Home Screen, it introduces tiles concept that dynamically exhibits information, and to open a program, the users are required to click on those live tiles. The number of tiles varies according to the screen resolutions of the computers. The home screen also provides a significant universal for rapid access to a program or any common files.

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Secure booting: It provides an amazing feature of “secure boot,” technically known as UEFI specification, that exploits a substantial public key infrastructure that not only authenticates the legitimacy of the operating system but also averts any unauthorized applications or programs like rootkits from contaminating the operating systems.

Inclusion of Cloud technology: It produces the best work experience when it’s connected to the web. For example, the news applications can easily retrieve data and news information from the web and display them as notifications or headlines with their tiles, making the user interface much more fascinating. It also uses cloud technology in the web storage facility and SkyDrive, which enables the users to have integrated web-based storage for backing up their important files and information in real-time. Besides having such ample attributes, there are few other features like new and improved security technology, new lock-screen, windows store, etc.

To get this incredible new operating system, you don’t even necessitate having a new pc or laptop; your current Microsoft Operating System, irrespective of it being XP or Windows 7 or even Vista, can easily be upgraded to windows 8.

In the case of XP users, if your pc or laptop operates with service pack 3 then you can easily relocate all the important files and programs. In the case of Windows 7, you can hang onto the files, settings, and programs you want to keep, provided they are compatible with the Windows 8 interface, as any incompatible files or programs will have to be uninstalled before the up-gradation process starts.


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