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What Are the Essentials of a Virtual Meeting Room?

Virtual Meeting Room

What Are the Essentials of a Virtual Meeting Room?

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Everything that boosts networking, engagement, and interaction in your virtual meeting room is essential. You need to provide your attendees with the best experience so that they can stay at your event from start to finish.

Still, the question that comes to mind is what exactly those essentials are? How to ensure that our virtual corporate meeting platform has everything for attendees?

So, here is an answer to your every question. Below is a brief overview of all the essentials you must include in your virtual meeting room.

5 Essential Things for a Virtual Meeting Room!

5 Essentials that can be helpful to create a perfect virtual meeting room are as follows:

  1. Communication Tools
  • Live Chat: You need to include chatting options for a 1:1 and group discussion about any subject in real-time. So, the top virtual corporate meeting platform provides the chatting throughout the event in order to maintain a seamless interaction from start to end. All the attendees, speakers, hosts, and exhibitors can use the chatting option to communicate with each other.
  • Live Audio Call: You will need different options for the people who can not use the chat option. So, the best virtual team meeting platform offers an audio call option. All the attendees can call anyone on the platform, whether the speaker, sponsor, host, or anyone else. Anyone can discuss anything and ask questions via audio calls.
  • Live Video Call: You will need a special option for the audience who wants a more in-person experience. They can make a video call in real-time in order to get answers to the questions with a face-to-face approach. Moreover, live video call functionality can be found on various top virtual meeting platforms.
  • External Integrations: You will need external plugins in order to make the communication seamless for all the attendees. So, you can use apps, like WhatsApp, BlueJeans, Zoom meeting, etc., with the top virtual AGM platform.
  1. Networking Tools
  • AI Matchmaking: It is necessary to make friends during a virtual meeting. So, you need a technology that can help you find people in the virtual space with similar interests. However, AI matchmaking can help you in this. Artificial intelligence analyzes your demographic and other information to match the similar interest of the attendees. And during the virtual meeting room, they send you suggestions from the same users.
  • Business Card Exchange: Exchanging the business card is a part of networking. But in a virtual meeting room, you need exceptional technology that can even help you choose whom to share your business card with and whom not to. So, the top virtual meetings platform experts provide business card exchange functionality. In this feature, a user has to send a request to the person they want to collect the card. They can receive the card only after that person approves the request.
  • Networking Tables: You can create a separate space for easy discussion, which is called a virtual networking table. So, you can add multiple networking tables to your virtual meeting room. This round table can include 2 to 8 persons at one time.
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler: You need to facilitate an option where the attendees can book an appointment in advance even before the virtual meeting starts. So, any of your suggested speakers can talk to them and clear all their doubts and issues.
  1. Engagement Tools
  • AR Photobooth: You can keep your attendees engaged till the virtual meeting ends with virtual event breakout rooms. Attendees can take multiple selfies with different backgrounds related to the virtual meeting theme. They can even download and post on their social media accounts. Also, they can create a gif at the AR photo booth using all these photos.
  • Gamification: You can add numerous AR/VR games to make the attendees play and stay at the virtual meeting till the event ends. Moreover, the best virtual meeting platform provides more than 100 games that can be helpful in creating a sense of excitement and engagement in the virtual meeting room.
  • Leaderboard: A scoring and competition can get your attendees to explore the complete event without stopping. You can decide the scores for every area of your virtual meeting, including the room, and give every candidate as per the time they spend at every part of your virtual event.
  • Heart, Thumbs Up, Clap, Hoot, and Emoticons: It is essential to make the virtual meeting room sessions engaging for the speaker as well as attendees. However, you will need proper icons and buttons in the sessions. So, you need features like hoot and clap sound for attendees to encourage the speaker whenever they share something really impressive. On the other hand, your virtual meeting sessions require buttons like heart, thumbs up, and other emoticons for attendees so they can show their presence in the session.
  1. Recording Features

You can utilize your videos in lots of different ways. For instance, you can upload short clips on social media for promotion. Also, you can p[rovide it on your official websites. The attendees who need complete video access have to sign in or pay a subscription amount. You can collect great data by asking for sign-ups. On the other hand, you can make your recorded virtual meeting room and event video a source to earn and little more. So, you must choose the virtual corporate meeting platform that provides recording features with your virtual meeting rooms.

  1. Live Analytics and Detailed Report

The host always wants to know what all the attendees are doing at their event. So, you can get this information at your virtual meeting as well. You can receive real-time analytics with the best virtual corporate meeting platform. These experts use AI technology to analyze such details and provide complete information live during the virtual event. Also, you can receive a detailed report after the virtual meeting. This report reflects the most and least engaging virtual booths, digital footprinting of attendees, and various other analytics about the virtual event.

So, these are the various essentials that you must include in your virtual meeting room. You can achieve a seamless networking experience, communication, and engagement with such options.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in creating a perfect virtual meeting room with all the essentials.



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