Weather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Weather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we can expect hot summers. Temperatures are hot and often humidor, which causes considerable heat indices. Even in the cooler winter months, temperatures are still pleasant. In January, the temperature is around 37 deg F. At night, temperatures are just over 20 deg F. Hence, Pittsburgh residents should be aware of the weather conditions and plan their trips accordingly.


The average precipitation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is only about 2,47 pulgadas (60 mm) per month. The city is sufficiently large to be impacted by ‘easters, but the monthly averages are relatively low. Because of its oceanic climate, precipitation in Pittsburgh is often light, making it an ideal place to live for winter weather. However, temperatures can rise significantly from month to month.

The climate of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is mild and moderate. There is a significant amount of precipitation in Pittsburgh, according to the Koppen-Geiger climate classification. The average precipitation is 1287 mm (50.7 inches) per year. In addition, the driest months are January, February, and May. In contrast, temperatures reach their lowest points during July and January. The average temperature is 22.7 degC.

Ciclo del tiempo en Pittsburgh

The average precipitation and snowfall for Pittsburgh are shown in the following graphs. The precipitation is divided into 10 percentile bands that range from the 25th to 75th percentiles. The precipitation is shown in inches per square kilometer. The length of days in Pittsburgh varies significantly throughout the year, with the shortest day on December 21 being 9 hours, 17 minutes long and the longest on June 21 being 15 hours, 4 minutes long. The black line indicates the number of hours the sun is visible. The color bands indicate full days and full nights.

The average hourly wind speed in Pittsburgh varies throughout the year. The windiest season is February, with average daily high temperatures below 24degF. In contrast, the drier season lasts for about seven months, from August 20 to March 21. In December, the temperature is below freezing, and in January the average high is around 37degF. The climate in Pittsburgh is mild and pleasant most of the year.

Temperatura en Pittsburgh

The climate in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is influenced by both continental and marine influences. It is a humid climate, and the city experiences 4.3 inches of rainfall in 7 days. This makes Pittsburgh one of the turbulent cities in the United States. Despite this, the city does have some temperate weather, with summer temperatures averaging 83 degrees and winter temperatures averaging 35 degrees. Below are some tips to keep yourself comfortable during your stay in Pittsburgh.

Although the temperatures are very high in the winter, summers are not very cold and humid in Pittsburgh. In fact, summers are much milder than in most other parts of the country. During the summer, temperatures range between 33 degrees Celsius and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatura in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Clima en Pittsburgh en enero

During the month of January, the temperature in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania varies between -5.7 and 2.1 deg C. The humidity is about 58%, and the average wind speed is 15 km/h. The average temperature in May is 16,2 deg C, but it may be much colder. In fact, the temperature can drop as low as -2 deg C in the month of February.

Although the climate in Pittsburgh is not tropical, temperatures are warm throughout the year, and a visit during this month is likely to be pleasant. The city’s temperature is comfortable and mild all year long. The winters are chilly, but there is not much precipitation. Pittsburgh’s temperature averages around 37 degrees in the morning, and about 20 degrees in the evening. This is a perfect winter destination.

Despite the cold, Pittsburgh has a thriving economy thanks to the industrial philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie. The city has a rich cultural heritage, including the world-famous Orquesta Sinfonica, which plays at Heinz Hall. The orchestra is led by world-renowned conductor Fritz Reiner. There is a lot to do in this Pittsburgh city.

Temperatura en Pittsburgh en junio

The average temperature in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is around 23 degrees Fahrenheit. It rarely dips below seven degrees Fahrenheit and rarely rises over 91 degrees. The warmest time of year to visit Pittsburgh is during the months of June and July, with average highs around 74 degrees. July, the hottest month, has the highest UV Index, indicating that the city is susceptible to UV rays.

The cold season in Pittsburgh lasts approximately three months, with average daily high temperatures below 46 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest month of the year is January, with an average low temperature of 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures are generally pleasant in June, with high temperatures of around 37 degrees and low temperatures below zero degrees. But even if the weather is pleasant in Pittsburgh, a few days of rain are a must to keep yourself comfortable.

Ciclo del tiempo en jueves

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Ciclo del tiempo en junio

Jueves in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a sultry humedo, but not as sultry as some of its previous months. Temperatures are a bit warmer and the day lasts for about 15 hours. In June, the temperature can reach as high as 81 deg F, but it is not as hot as the previous months.

To plan a trip to Pittsburgh in June, you can find cheap flights by using Skyscanner. This travel agency searches multiple airlines and travel agencies to compare prices. In addition to comparing prices, it also takes into account climatological data from previous years to show you when it’s time for junio in Pittsburgh. This way, you can plan your vacation accordingly and arrive in time for the festival.


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Weather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we can expect hot summers. Temperatures are hot and often humidor, which causes considerable heat indices. Even in the cooler winter months,