Microsoft Azure DP 100 Exam

Roadmap To Clear Microsoft Azure DP 100 Exam

Microsoft Azure DP 100 Exam

Roadmap To Clear Microsoft Azure DP 100 Exam

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An individual interested in becoming a data scientist is sure to have heard of the Azure Data Scientist certification Azure DP 100. This Microsoft certification is worth every penny spent on the exam. In today’s highly competitive market, getting certified by Microsoft adds weightage to your resume and opens doors for various job opportunities worldwide.

Why the DP 100 exam?

Designing & Implementing a Data Science solution on Azure – DP 100 exam helps you become an Azure Data Science Associate. To clear the exam, one must be proficient in Machine Learning (ML) and data science concepts. It is a role-based Associate-level certification that helps secure an Azure Data Scientist job.

The exam includes coverage of topics like:

  • Creating Azure working environments for data science workloads
  • Successfully running the data experiments
  • Training predictive models
  • Deploy, run, manage, and optimization of ML models

The cost of this cloud computing course is approximately 4,500 INR. The Microsoft certification training covers developing a working data science environment, design modeling, creating data models, and performing feature engineering.

Exam Specifications:

  • The MCQ-based exam comprises 40-60 questions.
  • The time duration is 120 minutes, considered ample for attending and rechecking the answers.
  • There are two case-study type questions that are compulsory.
  • The exam patterns are changed every two years. Hence, keep reviewing the updated exam pattern.
  • Both the Theory and Lab questions are equally important. Building and Operating ML solutions with Azure Machine Learning is the most important exam topic.

Skills Measured:

  • Setting up an Azure ML workspace
  • Running successful experiments and training models
  • Optimization and managing models
  • Deploy and operate models
  • Implementing ML models

Question Patterns:

The exam comprises five different question patterns, and there is no negative marking. 

  • Multiple-choice questions that have 1 correct answer out of 4 options.
  • Multiple choice questions with 2 correct answers out of 5 options.
  • Fill In the blanks to complete the code
  • Sequence reordering
  • Scenario-based questions

Most covered topics are the concept of backfill, data drifts, setting up alerts, and scheduling. It is an added advantage to know about the computing and deploying targets. One must score 70% or more to clear the exam.

What topics are a must-cover?

  • Microsoft Free DP learning path:Microsoft online course for DP 100 comes with a 15-module detailed input for clearing the DP 100 exam. It is free of cost, and each module has a mini quiz for self-assessment.
  • Azure ML SDK for python:One must acquaint with the concepts of Azure ML SDK python to successfully take part in the exam and clear it. Microsoft cloud security concepts are provided in many learning labs and are relevant to the exam.
  • Create an Azure Free trial account:Accessing Azure ML labs are accessible with the $200 Azure credits offered by Microsoft. This is applicable for the first 30 days of creating a new Azure account and can be used to gain experience in Azure MI learning labs.


  • Don’t confuse yourself with exam dumps that are available online. The exam pattern keeps changing, and confusing yourself with these old exam papers can only complicate things.
  • Concentrate more on topics that add value to the exam pattern. Azure ML topics have more weightage on the exam than topics like differential privacy and SHAP values.
  • Learn about the Microsoft artificial intelligence concepts like Auto ML and Designer visual tools. 

Exam Tips:

  • Access the official Microsoft exam page and schedule your exam at least a week or two prior.
  • Test your desktop or laptop a day prior for a seamless experience.
  • It is a proctored exam that does a few checks initially.
  • No stationery items are allowed for usage during the test.
  • Test results will be notified after the completion and also through the mail.
  • The certification is valid for two years.


One can clear the DP 100 exam easily with perseverance and proper guidance. Concentrating and covering all the above-mentioned important concepts can quickly help you pass the exam with flying colors. Microsoft certification courses have great value in the industry, and one must not doubt getting themselves certified for the best career opportunities. The industry needs qualified and certified professionals to uplift the market. So, decide and start preparing now to shape your future better.



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