How to Securely Compact PST Files without Opening Outlook?

How to Securely Compact PST Files without Opening Outlook?

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Secure Ways to Compact PST Files without Opening Outlook

The PST file format is the extension of Outlook. It is a difficult task to manage the PST files. Because of its performance and vast capabilities, MS Outlook is preferred by the majority of users. The most common problem with Outlook is with its data file, which is known as the PST (Personal Storage Table). Because PST files can only store mailbox data up to a certain size, they have a file size restriction in Outlook. Users should never allow their PST files to grow larger than their maximum size limit since this can cause major corruption and Outlook performance issues. In this blog, we’ll show you how to compact PST files without opening Outlook.

ANSI, which is used in Outlook versions 1992 to 2002, and Unicode, which is used in Outlook versions 2003 and later, are the two formats in which the MS Outlook email software saves its PST data files. The ANSI format of PST files can carry up to 2GB of mailbox data. A PST data file in UNICODE format, on the other hand, may hold up to 50 GB of data in a mailbox. ANSI PST files routinely surpass their maximum size limit, whereas Unicode PST files seldom exceed their maximum size limit. Then read this post to find out how to compress PST files without Outlook using Best Outlook PST Splitter Tool.

 Difficulties Faced with Oversized PST Files

A big PST file can result in a number of issues, including corruption. Because a large PST file can damage Outlook’s performance and a variety of other variables, the user must compress the PST file outside of Outlook. The following are some of the most common problems that Outlook users face when their PST files exceed the maximum size limit:

Large PST File- Whenever storage exceeds the limits of files, The files begin causing issues. The same goes for PST file storage. When the PST file limits are exceeded, the files become corrupted. These problems hold up when the database is on a network.

Oversized PST files: Corruption of PST files results in being unable to access them since they show an error message. The dialog box of the error file displays messages like “PST data file might have exceeded its maximum size limit.”

Typically, users of Outlook remove the useless emails from the inbox to manually maintain the storage of the PST file or compress the PST file.

“We are suggesting a higher quality PST splitter tool to compress PST files without opening Outlook. Before jumping into the instant solution, we will try using a manual solution.

How to Compact PST Files without Opening Outlook? Manually

 Double click and open the MS Outlook email client on your computer.

Now choose and delete the useless junk items from your inbox.

Right-click on the trash folder and click on “empty folder.”

File >> Info >> Account Settings to modify your account settings.

In the Account Settings box, select Outlook Data File from the Data Files and, from the drop-down menu, select the Settings option.

Select Compact When the Personal Folders dialog box shows up,

The procedure of compressing Outlook data files will begin on your PC. Let’s just wait till completion.

For a number of reasons, manual tricks can fail and do not work. Manual solutions take just as much time to accomplish and can last up to several hours. In certain cases, users are suggested to use professional solutions to compact PST files without opening Outlook.

Instant Tool to Compact PST Without Outlook

Furthermore, users with critical issues with Outlook PST files can choose the automatic solution for compressing the Outlook PST file without using the Outlook application. The PST splitter tool is the highly recommended software for compressing the PST files. It’s an excellent approach to reducing the size of PST files by folder, year, date, and email address. Without any file size constraints, the software can partition PST files in both ANSI and UNICODE formats. Let’s see the below steps and compress the PST file:

Firstly, download and install the PST Splitter Tool on your local computer. Now opens it.

Choose the Split option from the application program.

Now choose one of these two PST types from the drop-down menu. ANSI or UNICODE.

After that, select Split Option, and this tool will provide you with the four options for splitting a PST file by date, size, year, and folder.


In conclusion, huge PST files can result in miserable issues for Outlook. this article makes to understand the reasons, ways, and the proper technique to compact PST files without opening Outlook. For appropriate results, we are advising you to go with the PST splitter software.



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