Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

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Pizza was first made in Naples, Italy and the whole world owes them a big one. The recipe traveled to different parts of the world, people experimented with different ingredients and today we have different flavors of pizza to enjoy every now and then. Buffalo Chicken Pizza is a product of such experiments. In this article we will tell you the history of Buffalo Chicken and the ways in which you can customize and make it more delicious and full of nutrients.

History of Buffalo Chicken

America loves Buffalo Chicken Pizza, yet the age long inquiry, that who developed Buffalo Chicken stands unanswered because of the various claims and stories about the recipe. The first and foremost claim was made by the owners of Anchor Bar, in New York. Teressa Bellissimo had to prepare dinner for her son and his friends and she landed upon the recipe of Buffalo chicken. She did not prepare the pizza, rather she made Buffalo Chicken Wings and the rest of the world experimented with it and prepared Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Sandwiches, etc.

Then again, a similar story was presented contrastingly by her family. According to her son, he requested Teressa to put together something unique for the customers of the bar that night, so they keep paying. Hence, she seared a few chicken wings, threw them in a sauce made of honey, and cayenne pepper. This scrumptious tidbit brought her the crown for the dish.

Similarly, Teressa’s husband has something else to narrate. Frank described that Teressa experimented with Chicken Wings, but not how the story has been told before. Chicken wings at that time were not as famous as they seem to be today. As a matter of fact, they were just consumed by individuals who could not bear the cost of meat.

One day, unfortunately the Bellissimo’s received the wrong package from their supplier, they could not understand what to do with so many chicken wings. Teressa, being the boss lady, stepped up to show her super cooking abilities, and invented the scrumptious dish of Buffalo Chicken Wings. Subsequent to perusing all these conflicting stories between the Bellissimo family, all we can manage to say is that they need to sort their story out.

The banter does not end here, another bar proprietor, John Young, made the case that really it was him who landed on the recipe. He had African-American background, and in order to pay homage to his roots he experimented with a few ingredients. He needed to make something like “Mambo Sauce” to carry one more aspect to the customary tasting wings.

The quarrel between these conflicts is interminable. However, today, no bar exists that does not serve Buffalo Chicken Wings. In this way, whoever arrived upon the formula, we are thankful to them for gifting our taste buds every day in a way or another.

Also, the Buffalo Chicken Sauce can be utilized to get ready pizza, sandwich, wraps, and so on. This can assist you with arriving on something tasty and carry curiosity to your feasting table.

How to customize Buffalo Chick+en and Buffalo Sauce?

There are several ways in which you can customize Buffalo Chicken and Buffalo Chicken Sauce, together and individually.

Customizing the leftover chicken with Buffalo Chicken Sauce is one of the easiest and quickest ways to prepare something delicious and fulfilling in a very short time. Mix boiled or fried chicken in Buffalo Chicken Sauce and use this spread on pita bread, or pizza dough and enjoy a quick and tasty wrap or pizza. Do not forget to add vegetables, olives, jalapenos, and lots of cheese.

Similarly, Buffalo Chicken Sauce can replace regular pizza sauce, hot sauce or white sauce. The exquisite taste adds another dimension to these dishes.

You can prepare loaded fries with it as well. In a plate spread fries, top it with shredded buffalo chicken and buffalo chicken sauce, cheese, and oregano and thyme. Microwave it until the cheese melts and enjoy easy and tasty loaded fries in a matter of a few minutes.



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